I’m back . . .

Ok. So I took a year off. So sue me. This blog really isn’t about you, anyway, it’s about me. That’s right, I said it, it is about MOI (that’s a French word that is pronounced muah).

I only have, like 3 readers anyway, therefore I will post whenever and whatever I like. In the meantime, I have decided to come back and post semi-regularly.

Part of this decision was made on the basis of the fact that I really like this blog, and I thought to myself, “Self, what would this blog look like today, if you had in fact, kept it up all last year? Would it be chock full of awesome, original, neato content? Would you have more than three readers? Would you be proud of all the crazy cool tricks you learned to perform on the internet?”

This led to the two inevitable conclusions from questions such as these:

1.) If I want more than three friends than this blog must not be entirely about me . . .

2.) I use waaayyy too many commas.

Anyway, I am prepared to load this blog up with random goodies from my past, my present, and my future. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

I leave you with the following to think about:

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