Fourth of July Shopping Only To Find . . . Halloween?

Yesterday I had to go into Hobby Lobby in order to pick up some 4th of July decorations for a float for our town’s local parade tomorrow.

I love Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Party City, and JoAnn Fabric; any place that has holiday decorations. Usually they can be counted on for a nice dose of nostalgia and an injection of holiday cheer.

Today I was walking in, minding my own business, trying to find the patriotic stuff.

Luckily, it was all on sale.


They had two clearance rows of Independence Day. I quickly grabbed some garland, a few ribbons, and some poster banner.


Then I rounded the corner.


They had their fall stuff out.


Hobby Lobby used to be a fall haven of Halloween. I would go and stock up on all my autumnal goodies, reveling in the magic of plush bats, rubber rats, and fake disembodied arms.   Lately, however, they have gotten rid of Halloween, and seem to only have fall and Thanksgiving, but still . . . it means that Halloween is on its way.


Look at this!  Cornucopias, garland, and even a turkey.


There are rows of potpourri and other fall scents and even a welcome mat or two.


Then there are the rows of candles with exotic scents such as Spiced Pumpkin, Maple Syrup, and Fall Harvest. I love these candles. My mom used to burn them every fall and I have most of my nostalgic fall memories wrapped up in these smells.

Walking down this aisle is like walking down a time tunnel.

*sniff* There is my mom, making cookies with us kids in the kitchen, her plastic jack o’ lantern cookie cutters breaking through the soft white dough.

*sniff* Thanksgiving Day. My Grandma is in the kitchen, putting the turkey in the oven. The Snoopy balloon is just passing 34th Street on the Macy parade.

*sniff* I’m ten and cutting my first pumpkin – the first one I ever did by myself. I get the eyes all crooked and the nose was wrong, but I didn’t cut myself.

A million sniffs and a million memories. Man I love candles.


The next aisle over had the pumpkins and mini hay bales. They had all shapes, sizes, and colors, even pink ones for breast cancer awareness.


The end-cap had carvable, monogramable pumpkins and a timely sign that reads:


Our final aisle has rows of fall leaves and foliage. A blue step ladder stands in the middle of the aisle, ready for a friendly salesperson to finish decorating.


All in all, it was thrilling because I know fall is on its way. If you go to this or any Hobby Lobby, by all means, explore the fall stuff. I know it seems early, but September is less than 60 days away.

Just don’t wander two aisles over. That’s where the Christmas stuff is.

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Shopping Only To Find . . . Halloween?

    • Yeah, and the other half was Christmas. I usually expect autumn to slowly creep in around the end of July. This is the earliest I have ever seen. I think I’ll run by Party City this weekend and see if they are putting their Halloween stuff out. This may be the earliest Halloween in the history of man….

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