Halloween Music: The Munsters

Today we are going to have some fun with The Munsters. That’s right, The Munsters Theme Song is essential ghoulish goodness on any Halloween playlist. 

Now, you might think this is relatively simple. After all, how many versions of this song can there be? Well, surprisingly there are a ton of versions. But let’s start off simple, shall we? Here, is the original theme song to The Munsters:

So that’s the season 1 opener. Pretty simple, huh? It’s got the original tune we all know and love, but its a bit faster than I remember the tempo being.

Did you know there were words to this theme? Go figure, huh? Here they are:

These are the lyrics:

When you are walking down the street at night
And behind you theres no one in view,
But you hear mysterious feet at night,
Then The Munsters are following you!

If you should meet this strange family
Just forget what some people have said,
The Munsters may shake your hand clammily
But they're not necessarily dead.

Behind their house you musn't be afraid
To see a figure digging with a spade!
Perhaps someone didn't quite make the grade
with The Munsters, with The Munsters.

If when you're sleeping you dream a lot,
Ghoulish nightmares parade through your head,
And then you wake up and scream a lot,
Oh, The Munsters are under your bed!

At midnight if creatures should prowl about,
And if vampires and vultures swoop down,
And werewolves and feinds shreik and howl about,
Oh, The Munsters are out on the town!

One night I dared peak through their window screen,
My hair turned white at such a crazy scene!
Because every evening its Halloween
At The Munsters', at The Munsters'!

They weren’t originally part of the song, but were added later as part of the album: At Home With The Munsters, which was released in 1964.

Here is the first side of the album from our friends at Youtube:

The Munsters Theme song has become such a quntessential part of the Halloween listening experience, that it has been covered by multiple groups. Here are just a few of the versions you can find:

From Rob Zombie’s Halloween masterpiece (which will definitely be appearing on this site again).

 You can’t go wrong with Brain Seltzer.

This live version has kind of a cool, surfer rock vibe.

Fall Out Boy even sampled it for their song, Uma Thurman.

Yeah… I don’t like it. I guess I’m more of a purist. At any rate, I used to watch this show as a kid, and I really have a nostalgic love for this theme. Put it together with The Adams Family Theme, and you’ll have an ultrasonic 60’s ear orgasm!

I’ll leave you with this “behind the scenes” photo. Yep, the living room of The Munsters’ house used to be pink. It’s what showed up the best in black and white. Go figure. 

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