Halloween Music: Now, That’s What I Call Halloween!

And now for something a little different. Are you a Halloween newbie? Are you just starting your cadaverous collection of spooky songs and horrifying hits? Does the daunting task of making your own playlist fill you with… dread?If the answer to these questions is, “yes”, then we have a great way to prime the pump. Of course, I’m speaking of 2015’s glorious release: NOW, That’s What I Call Halloween!, from the fun fiends behind the NOW, That’s What I Call Music series by Universal and Sony (often referrred to as NOW).

NOW, That’s What I Call Halloween! (or as it will be hither referred to as NTWICH! in order to appease my carpal tunnel) is NOW’s first foray into fright. Yes, they brought us such classics as NOW, That’s What I Call Country!, NOW, That’s What I Call Motown!, NOW, That’s What I Call Music Volume 61!, NOW, That’s What I Call Mum!, and the immortal NOW, That’s What I Call Christmas! In spite of all these instant classics, they had yet to provide a Halloween compilation, until… wait for it…. NOW.

Anyway, I think it was worth the wait, as this is an excellent primer into the world of All Hallow’s atmospheric songs. I think you’ll agree that the track list is pretty impressive, so let’s go over it, shall we?

Now, that’s what I call a Halloween playlist! We’ve got the creme de la creme of Samhain themes, the immortal Halloween Main Title. We have Werewolves of London, now with more fur. We have the crashing chains of The Monster Mash, more cowbell with Don’t Fear the Reaper, and Rob Zombie’s ode to yesterday’s article about The Munsters; Dragula.

While these staples are absolutely fantastic, it’s the off-the-wall oddities that I’m really excited about. Why go for the boring old original Ghostbusters by Mr. Charles, Jr, when you can blast the Run-DMC, remix?  Plus you have Bad Things, which just might be the dirtiest Halloween song that will appear on this blog. Seriously, that song is full of filthy intent and smutty subtext.

We will be going through all of these songs eventually, but in the meantime, you owe it to yourself to pick up NTWICH! and start plowing through the tunes. You can find it here: NOW, That’s What I Call Halloween!

NOW, I can’t finish an article without providing a video, or two. Wanna see a commercial for the disc? Of course you do. Here it is.


And HERE is a link to a youtube playlist so you can sample all of the songs before you get the album. 

Lastly, I am going to post a direct video of my favorite track, the grandaddy of them all, and absolutely essential for any night of trick or treating. What’s your favorite? Sound off below.

Halloween Music: The Munsters

Today we are going to have some fun with The Munsters. That’s right, The Munsters Theme Song is essential ghoulish goodness on any Halloween playlist. 

Now, you might think this is relatively simple. After all, how many versions of this song can there be? Well, surprisingly there are a ton of versions. But let’s start off simple, shall we? Here, is the original theme song to The Munsters:

So that’s the season 1 opener. Pretty simple, huh? It’s got the original tune we all know and love, but its a bit faster than I remember the tempo being.

Did you know there were words to this theme? Go figure, huh? Here they are:

These are the lyrics:

When you are walking down the street at night
And behind you theres no one in view,
But you hear mysterious feet at night,
Then The Munsters are following you!

If you should meet this strange family
Just forget what some people have said,
The Munsters may shake your hand clammily
But they're not necessarily dead.

Behind their house you musn't be afraid
To see a figure digging with a spade!
Perhaps someone didn't quite make the grade
with The Munsters, with The Munsters.

If when you're sleeping you dream a lot,
Ghoulish nightmares parade through your head,
And then you wake up and scream a lot,
Oh, The Munsters are under your bed!

At midnight if creatures should prowl about,
And if vampires and vultures swoop down,
And werewolves and feinds shreik and howl about,
Oh, The Munsters are out on the town!

One night I dared peak through their window screen,
My hair turned white at such a crazy scene!
Because every evening its Halloween
At The Munsters', at The Munsters'!

They weren’t originally part of the song, but were added later as part of the album: At Home With The Munsters, which was released in 1964.

Here is the first side of the album from our friends at Youtube:

The Munsters Theme song has become such a quntessential part of the Halloween listening experience, that it has been covered by multiple groups. Here are just a few of the versions you can find:

From Rob Zombie’s Halloween masterpiece (which will definitely be appearing on this site again).

 You can’t go wrong with Brain Seltzer.

This live version has kind of a cool, surfer rock vibe.

Fall Out Boy even sampled it for their song, Uma Thurman.

Yeah… I don’t like it. I guess I’m more of a purist. At any rate, I used to watch this show as a kid, and I really have a nostalgic love for this theme. Put it together with The Adams Family Theme, and you’ll have an ultrasonic 60’s ear orgasm!

I’ll leave you with this “behind the scenes” photo. Yep, the living room of The Munsters’ house used to be pink. It’s what showed up the best in black and white. Go figure. 

Halloween Songs: Jack the Ripper

Hello Kiddies,

Today we bring you one of my favorites for your autumnal playlists. It’s the 1963 classic horror tune, Jack the Ripper, as recorded by Screaming Lord Sutch.

This song has everything you need for a Halloween night. It starts with eerie footsteps, a blood-curdling scream, and the “Danger Ahead” theme from Dragnet. Then it goes into a fairly rocking rift that talks about the “man who walks the streets of London late at night”. Not only are the lyrics spooky, but the tune has a fun, rockin’ quality to it that livens up your favorite foliage drive or haunted party.

Now this was not the first rendition of this song. It was originally recorded in 1961 by Clarence and Charles Stacy. Here is their version:

It is more stripped down, and less produced than Sutch’s. It also feels a lot calmer and more toned down than Sutch’s cover, which in my opinion in the quintessential presentation of this song.

Screaming Lord Sutch is a name you will see over and over again, on our playlist. He made a living out of recording horror tunes to make up for the fact that his voice was “lacking”. You might call him one of the first shock rockers. He had a pretty great live show, that was theatrical and atmospheric. Later, he tried to be involved in British politics, only to lose more than 40 elections. But seriously, how can you not love a guy who started the “Official Monster Raving Loony Party”? He was a great satirist, a flamboyant and theatrical politician, and his music is filled with manic-good cheer.

You can find Sutch’s version of Jack the Ripper both on Amazon and iTunes, as well as Spotify and any of your other favorite music streamers. It has also been found on a number of Halloween collaborations, including the now defunct: GOODNIGHT WHATEVER YOU ARE compilations.

But Halloween music lovers seem to all agree that Sutch’s cover takes the song to a new level. Below the embed, you’ll find the lyrics:

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

There’s a man who walks the streets of London late at night

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

With a little black bag that’s oh-so tight

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

He’s got a big black cloak hangin’ down his back

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Well, that’s a one big cat I just a hate to fight

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

When he walks down the streets

To every girl he meets, he says, is your name Mary Blood?

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

When she walks down the streets, he’s never far behind

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

With his little black bag and his one tracked mind

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Well, he nearly catches up when the lights go down

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

‘Cause that’s the time he starts his dirty, uh, chop-around

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

When he walks down the streets

To every girl he meets, he says, is your name Mary Blood?

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Scotland Yard’ll never catch him, ’cause he’s a much too clever

He’s much too clever

Mm, but if they do, man, they’ll get: The Ripper – yeah!

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Well, the streets of London kinda never safe

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Whenever Jack The Ripper ever shows his face

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

So, you pretty little girlies, take a-my advice

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

And don’t walk the streets of London late at night

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

When he walks down the streets

To every girl he meets, he says, is your name Mary Blood?

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

The Ripper, Jack The Ripper

As a bonus, here is Jack White’s cover. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite version of this song? Do you have a song or snack or movie we should cover? Sound off below, in the comments.

My New Story Comes Out October 2

Hello, boils and ghouls! Recently, one of my little stories was picked up for a Halloween anthology. Corbeau Media’s book, The Stranger, comes out on October 2.


This book has 12 all new stories and is sure to make your spine tingle and your toes curl. The official synopsis reads as follows:

Get in the Halloween spirit with twelve new horror novellas from the twisted minds of our favorite authors. With demons, serial killers, cursed objects, fallen angels, and Death himself, there’s a spooky treat for every taste in this delicious mix. Dig in and see what The Stranger has in store for you.

Denise A. Agnew: Peeper. A peeping Tom discovers there’s something more evil than him roaming the neighborhood.

Joan Blackheart: The Factory. When a traveler takes a temp job at a factory in Wales, nothing is scarier than the daily grind.

L. Bowen: Not Yet. G has never mattered before now. But after being pushed too close to the edge, she gets a taste of what it really means to be alive.

Courtney Butler: Mona. In a world abandoned by God, humanity imprisons a fallen angel.

Jessica Cale: Bear River. Death stalks a Minnesota nursing home…until a night nurse stalks him back.

D.L. Duncan: Tough Cookie. Halloween baking gets scarier with a set of cursed cookie cutters.

Sarah Elliot: The Collector. Karma comes for the cruel when the Collector is marked for collection.

Arthur M. Harper: Oceanus. Psychological experiments on a submarine. What could possibly go wrong?

Jennifer Johnson: The Deck. A woman at a crossroads must fight for her life when a man arrives with a special deck of tarot cards.

Rosanna Leo: The Cemetery Guardian. A grieving woman meets a tall, dark stranger at the Toronto Necropolis.

Quenby Olson: With My Own Eyes. A spiritualist comes face to face with a demon in Victorian England.

Justin Thoby: The Last Son. A knight rides down the apocalypse in a violent hellscape of zombies and false idols.


You can preorder the book HERE.

You can also check out my Amazon author page and find my other books HERE.

Pleasant dreams…

Fall Begins…In July?

I know it’s early. Hey, I hear ya! It’s not even the 4th of July yet, man. No, that’s tomorrow. Typically I don’t get into a fall mood until after the 5th. But this year, the weather has been fall-like, so I’ve been like, screw it. If I want to be in a Halloween/fall mood in July, so be it. So I went to Hobby Lobby and this is what I found, and I could be more unashamedly happy…


Happy fall, ya’ll!

Into The Void…

So, I’ve written a book or three. I’m in the midst of attempting to figure out what I’m gonna do with them. So, I thought I might chronicle some of the process here. It is an interesting quandary – what do I do, once I finish my book?

Writing a novel is a daunting, lonely process. You sit, solitary in a room or out on your back deck or at Starbucks. You have a laptop or desktop or iPad and you type. Sometimes the words come easily. Sometimes you sweat. Your neighbors and friends get really tired of hearing about your plots and characters, but normally are polite. Mostly, though, you are alone.

It seems that even when you have a book finished, it is roughly the same. You are by yourself unless you are Stephen King or J.K. Rowling (in case you didn’t know, I am neither). So I’m posting a question to you.

Now that I have a project or three, do I self-publish, or try and get an agent?

Look What’s Back At Michael’s!


I know it’s darn early, but I can’t help it. There’s something wrong with me. Every year at this time I have to wander Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and Party City, looking for the Halloween stuff. It really is some kind of illness, one that manifests itself in pumpkins, skeletons, and stupid childlike grins. And here we are, again. The season on witches is upon us and the trappings of said season are slowly infiltrating…. and I can’t stop grinning…
I know, it’s sick….





I Finally Update…

Hi. Hello. How are ya? Been a while, huh? I know, I know, I’m just like that chick or dude that you met at summer camp

that promised that they would write “the very minute I get home and then every day after that.” You waited by the mailbox every day, like Ralphie expecting his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin, and every day you were disappointed.

He/she hadn’t written. They didn’t write. They wouldn’t write.

Every day, that darned ol’ mailman would show up with a stack of gleaming white envelopes and multi-colored glossy magazines and your heart would jump. Maybe today….

Only the letter never came, did it? Instead, it was just a pile of bills and inquiries and none of it was for you.

You cursed. You spit. You punched your pillow. You drafted an incredibly witty, extremely mean-spirited response to your spurned love. Maybe you even mailed it. And what happened, bucko? It came back, didn’t it, with a big blue stamp that said: Return to Sender.  Address Unknown. No Such Number. No Such Zone.

You were heart broken. You sighed in the darkness of your room and every time a sad song like I Ain’t Missing You At All, Someone Like You, or Yoda’s Theme from The Empire Strikes Back

came on the radio, you would turn it up and let your heart bleed.

But you didn’t learn, did you?

No. The very next summer, you went to camp.

You had almost forgotten. Then you were in the mess hall and you ran into he/she again.

They looked surprised. You were shocked. You had rehearsed this scene so many times in your head, you knew exactly what you would say to them when you saw them again. But now the script was gone.

You stood there, babbling like a codfish and your mind was blank and your tongue was dry and thick.

And they were so nice, weren’t they? And they had great excuses. They had missed you. They had wanted to write, but they had moved from Dover, Delaware to Louisville, Kentucky over the fall and they had lost your address and you were the lost love of their life.

And you believed them, you sap.

You were inseparable during camp, smooching beneath the firefly trees and the summer breeze.

You swore you’d write. You were gonna keep in touch, this time. This time, it would work.

And you found yourself standing in front of the damnable mailbox, yet again, flipping through stacks of electric bills and credit card invoices and your mom’s Better Homes and Gardens.

Yeah. It’s kinda like that.

Only this time, I promise I’ll write….

I Just Lost My Flippin’ Post!!! Grrrr.

Oh, man, I hate it when this happens. I just wrote the most epic blog about my visit to the circus. It was two parts, hilarious as Adam Sandler before he made Little Nicky, and literally a literary masterpiece. Rarely had the words flowed so freely from fingers to keyboard, creating a beautiful symphony of words that precisely captured all of the goofy, little-kid nostalgia that I felt at this circus.

I finished my draft at my office, and backed it up like any good kid should. The draft was saved, and I was off for home, where I hoped to tweak it a bit, edit it (unlike I do my other posts, right?) and then post it to the applause and adoration of my millions of readers* Unfortunately, I forgot that I had an earlier  version up on my laptop. This version only had two pictures on it, and none of my wonderfully crafted prose. When I opened up my laptop and it woke from blissful hibernation, it automatically saved my most recent version – the version with only two pictures. Seriously, it was like three hours of work down the tube.

This is what happened afterwards:

At any rate, I will try and recreate what I can, but don’t expect lightening to strike twice. I will see if I can get part one up by the end of the day. In the meantime, up-yours laptop.




*in reality, there are only three, and one of them is my mom